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Handling DUI Cases & Criminal Charges in Bothell, WA

In the field of DUI charges, there are many defense strategies that can be erected for the different offenses that exist. The penalties for conviction are grave and you don't want your case in the hands of an inexperienced lawyer, so you must take action quickly to secure the best legal representation you can find. As a talented Bothell DUI attorney, I handle all types of criminal charges on the behalf of clients in Bothell and throughout Western Washington. Arrests for violations of driving while intoxicated can include hit & run, vehicular manslaughter, and other severe charges, and I can help protect your rights against a tough courtroom.

In addition to my thorough knowledge of criminal law, I have earned a reputation with the legal community and court staff in almost every court in Bothell, Everett, Seattle, Edmonds, Redmond, and more. In order to provide the highest quality of DUI defense for every client, I also studied DUI law with the National College for DUI Defense. I extend my knowledge as the go-to guy for other attorneys who read my articles, or acquire my insight on DUI-related defenses.

The courts and judges in Bothell are not favorable towards DUI offenders, and you need a strong defense to stand up against your charges and be successful. I am here to provide exceptional legal counsel and guidance throughout the entire DUI process so that you can have a strong chance of avoiding serious penalties such as jail time, costly fines and more. Ask for me by name, Jonathan, so that I can get to work towards producing a favorable outcome in your case.

When criminal charges involving DUI have been filed, quickly contact a Bothell DUI attorney for skilled assistance.

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