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Field Sobriety Tests

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Field sobriety tests are subjective tests that are graded based on the officers' observation and judgment. Although they have been "scientifically validated," they are riddled with sources of error.

Demand that certain factors be reviewed if these tests were used in your DUI case. At Dichter Law Office, our attorney team uses a private investigator for every DUI case. Our investigator is an expert witness who has been qualified by most courts in the state and by many others as an expert in field sobriety testing administration and DUI investigations.

Our founding attorney has been through the NHTSA basic and advanced classes as well as obtained Forensic Sobriety Assessment certification - steps very few DUI attorneys have gone through. He's even become a qualified instructor in the basic NHTSA course. These courses help us to fully and completely evaluate the pre-arrest screening battery of the field sobriety tests.

Points that we will look into include:

  • Were the NHTSA Standardized Tests used?
  • Were the tests conducted fairly and with clear instructions?
  • Did weather or road conditions inhibit your ability to competently execute the demands of the tests?
  • Was there any physical condition or disability present that affected your actions while the tests were being performed?
  • Was the law enforcement officer involved operating from an impartial position?
  • Was the officer properly trained in the administration of these tests?
  • Were the tests performed according to the NHTSA standards and requirements?
  • Were any unstandardized tests used?
  • If you refused to take part in the tests, were you advised as to the consequences involved?

If you are facing a DUI charge following any field sobriety tests, our Lynnwood DUI lawyers can review this matter to look for information which may benefit your case.

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Our attorney team has had much experience assisting individuals with DUI charges, we understand the position in which you find yourself. The possibility that you may lose your license, have a criminal record, and face certain penalties can be overwhelming. There are, however, many actions our firm can take in seeking an acquittal for you. One of these includes challenging any field sobriety tests related to your case. We are certified in the NHTSA Field Sobriety Program, which is the same course that officers are required to complete in order to perform such tests. This affords our firm a solid command of the subject and the ability to identify issues which indicate injustices. When these are presented to the court, they may have a significant bearing on the outcome of your case.

Contact a Lynnwood DUI attorney if you have undergone field sobriety tests and then been charged with DUI.

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