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Vacating a Conviction in Washington

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A prior criminal conviction can be a real burden for someone who has already paid their debt to society. Employment can be difficult, as can applying for housing, and submitting to other assessments that require applicants to divulge whether or not they have ever been accused and convicted of a crime. Because of this, many prior defendants seek an "expungement" of their criminal record. In Washington, this is called vacating a conviction.

If you are interested in vacating your prior criminal conviction, then Dichter Law Office, PLLC, is ready to hear from you. Our Lynnwood attorney team has dedicated the firm solely to DUI defense and know the challenges defendants face—even as they return to their lives following their legal issues. We are ready to assess your eligibility for vacating a conviction as part of a free consultation and then, if possible, offer a low flat rate to have that conviction legally stricken from your record.

Interested in learning more about this process and how our firm can assist you? We're ready to hear your story. Contact us today.

Vacating Convictions in Washington

In the state of Washington, it is possible to vacate misdemeanor charges and, under some circumstances felony charges. Once a prior conviction is vacated, an individual can legally say that they were never convicted of that crime—it clears their record of that offense.

Just a few of the qualifications for vacating a misdemeanor include:

  • You must have no pending criminal charges
  • You must have no prior vacated convictions
  • You must have no prior domestic abuse charges or restraining orders filed against you in the last five years

The criminal offense in question must also NOT be:

  • A violent offense
  • A drunk driving offense
  • A sexual offense

These, however, are just the broad strokes of Washington's conviction vacation laws. If you believe that your prior conviction is eligible for vacation, contact our offices today. We are ready to assess your case for eligibility and ensure that your petition for conviction vacation is thoroughly prepared and submitted.

Learn more about your eligibility with a free case evaluation.

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